Picturing Compassion is an initiative of Liberation Prison Project in association with Compassion Day.

Liberation Prison Project

To support men and women in prison around the world who seek help to transform their minds and lives, Liberation Prison Project (LPP) offers spiritual advice and teachings, books and materials, to those who wish to explore, study and practise Buddhism.

A Tibetan Buddhist not-for-profit, social service organisation affiliated with the Foundation for the Preservation of the Mahayana Tradition, since 1996 Liberation Prison Project has supported the Buddhist practice of over 20,000 prisoners worldwide. We are:

  • Active mainly in the United States and Australia, with programs also in Denmark, France, Italy, Mexico, Mongolia, New Zealand, Spain and the UK, we also support prisoners in other countries in Asia, Africa and Europe.
  • Supported by some 150 volunteer Dharma friends worldwide who mentor students through correspondence and as visiting prison chaplains.
  • Profoundly transforming the lives of our students as they establish a regular daily meditation practice and engage in Buddhist studies, from beginner to advanced level.
  • Supporting students' creative expression through painting, drawing, prose and poetry.

From prisoner to meditator to author

Liberation Prison Project is in the process of publishing a book by one of our students, Mind Discipline in the Reality of Prison, a practical Buddhist practice and meditation manual. We are in need of funds to be able to distribute this freely to other prisoners.

From prisoner to artist

Many of our students produce stunning works of art – paintings, drawings and a unique envelope art, decorating the envelopes they send with their letters, which are also often filled with images.

Others write poetry, a selection of which have been recorded so we have the pleasure of sharing their work as a soundscape for the Liberation Exhibition of Prison Art and Poetry. The 30 Voices CD is a compilation of prisoner poetry read by professional Australian actors Steve Bisley, Peter Carmody, Benita Collings, Tracy Mann, Fiona Prest, Danny Adcock and Noel Hodda.

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